Complementary indicators to GDP

The complementary indicators to the gross domestic product (GDP) provide information on social, environmental and economic issues. Together, they describe the evolution of people's well-being and the development of the Belgian society.

Since 2016, these indicators have been published in an annual report. They are prepared by the Federal Planning Bureau within the framework of the National Accounts Institute (Act of 14 March 2014 on the complementary indicators; PDF text available in French and Dutch). The choice of the 63 indicators, which are divided in 13 themes, is based in particular on the Conference of European Statisticians Recommendations on Measuring Sustainable Development (2014, PDF).

For each indicator, you will find:

  • Data: figures covering the 1990-2016 period, presented in graphs and tables;
  • Description: a definition of the indicator, its evolution, an international comparison and the corresponding target; and if relevant and possible, breakdowns for different population groups;
  • Download: all the above information in an XLSX file.

The conclusions on the trends and breakdowns of the indicators from the 2018 report are available on this website in French and Dutch.

The full reports are available on the website of the Federal Planning Bureau: